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We have Kirke's Favorite Ice Cream!

Kirke's homemade icecream is a local favorite made here in the Ohio Valley in St. Clairsville, OH.  Currently we have the following flavors:

    • salty caramel
    • chocolate
    • strawberry
    • vanilla
    • butter pecan
    • T. rex tracks (chocolate chips and chocolate cookies in light chocolate ice cream)
    • black raspberry
    • chocolate peanut butter
    • chocolate mint chip
    • White House cherry
    • maple nut
    • banana
    • sugar free red raspberry
    • pumpkin (limited time!)
    • black cherry rum
    • coprolite delight (chocolate ice cream with Reese cup chunks and marshmallow swirl)
    • paradise (coconut, almonds, and chocolate shavings in vanilla ice cream)

 SMART Centre Market is "home of the $1.00 single scoop cone", so come bring your family and satisfy your icecream craving affordably.  For extra fun, you can eat your icecream between the large megalodon jaw replica and the sculpture of the T.rex skull!